It all stems from the rich soil of Sutter County, California, USA, where Earl Taylor established his prunes kingdom in 1916. After him, George Taylor and his two sons, Richard and John Taylor, carried forth the family passion and experience and had successfully incorporated organic techniques into prune farming in the 1970s. Taylor Brothers Farms™ now grows prime quality, 100% organic, California prunes that have earned some of the most prestigious recognitions and certificates from the USDA and the CCOF. Today, Taylor Brothers Farms™ is one of the biggest distributors of organic prunes and prune products worldwide, providing a healthy choice for consumers around the world. Moreover, as the business expand rapidly, Taylor Brothers Farm designed to open up headquarter in South Korea in order to explore Asia market. As the demand of different dried fruits is increasing, Taylor had designed to farm and source other good quality dried fruits for building up the conventional range.